… making you Financially Stronger in 3 Weeks !!!

Increase Your Financial Fitness in 4 Ways!

Money Management
Income & Asset Protection
Retirement Strategies
Estate Planning 


We call these the Four Financial Fitness Factors !

Meet Your Financial Fitness Head Coach 

  • Certified & Licensed
  • Certified Public Accountant – 30+ years
  • Licensed Insurance Planner
  • Certified Financial Coach
  • Estate Planner
  • Retirement Strategies Advisor

I will be your “Head Coach” and my team of Financial Fitness Coaches will all work together with me on your 3 Week Financial Fitness Campaign



The 3 Week Program …

  • Intensive Immersive & Hands on
  • 2 Weekly interactions with your Coach 
  • Weekly Financial Toolkits with assessments, tools & tips 
  • A Weekly 1 on 1 virtual Financial Strategy Session


The 4 Financial Fitness Factors 

Achieve Major Improvment in Your 4  Financial Fitness Factors in just 3 Weeks


Week 1
Money Management

We will coach you on:

  • Budgeting 
  • Cost Cutting Tools
  • Saving Emergency $$


Week 1
Protect Income & Assets

We will coach you on:

  • Insurance planning
  • Protecting Your Assets
  • Protect your Identity

our approach 2

Week 2
Estate Plan

We will cover … 

  • Tax effective plan
  • Leave a family legacy $
  • Wills, Trusts, POAs

Week 3
Retirement $trategies

We will cover …

  • Tax effective strategies
  • Analyze your retirement $$ needs

Get Started with Financial Fitness Toolkit #1

Its Like Your Financial Fitness “Physical Wellness Check”

Get Your Financial Fitness Score when you complete Toolkit #1

Best thing I ever did for my family! The Financial Fitness Campaign showed my wife & I that we were not so healthy financially and provided strategies to improve our financial fitness in all 4 of the Financial Fitness Factors!

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