Here is where we begin doing a more detailed analysis of your Personal Financial Fitness!

Our trained licensed profesionals diagnose your situation and
prescribe financial stratregies that will ensure financial fitness for you and your family

Complete the Detailed Financial Analysis below and I will contact you for a complete financial fitness assessment review


If you have not completed the 4FFF Score Assessment yet, you should do it before completing the Detailed Financial Analysis below.

This allows our analysts to better design a Financial Fitness Campaign customized for you!

And it gives you an assessement of your Financial Fitness in each of

The Four Financial Fitness Factors:

Money Management, Income & Asset Protection, Retirement Planning Estate Planning


Complete this Financial Fitness Assessment to get your 4FFF Score.

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1. Do you have a Monthly Budget?

2. Do you have life insurance with coverage at least 10 - 12 times your annual net take home income or a minimum of $100,000 coverage ?





Complete the info below …



All info you provide is secure and private. More detailed info maybe needed once we schedule your FREE phone consultation

Basic Info

If completing this as a married couple indicates the Husband's info with H = and the Wife's info with W =. Or if it is Joint, then indicate with J=. For example to respond to the question "Income From Job Net After Taxes". H = 2,000 W = 2,200






All info is securely encrypted and delivered directly to W Vernon Murray CPA, Licensed Insurance Planner, Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accounts

Know Your Numbers !!

Do you know your Personal Financial Numbers like your:

  1. Debt to income ratio
  2. Personal Savings Ratio
  3. Credit Score
  4. Diversification Index
  5. How much $$ will it take for you to retire comfortably?
  6. What is your “disposable income”

And that’s just a few of at least a dozen key personal financial ratios/numbers we help you keep track of!


Life Insurance, Its not only for when you die.

New innovations in life insurance make certain type of life insurance, such as Indexed Universal Life Policies, a powerful tool for living benefits. This means it benefits you while you are living.

Watch this short clip to learn how Indexed Universal Life insurance can benefit you now!

Wow!! are we glad we did the Financial Fitness Campaign!!! Our Financial Fitness Coach whipped us into shape financially in 6 weeks. We highly recommend this for couples

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